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HydroEs 2019 - What future for Hydropower in France and in Europe?

OSSBERGER in Germany (since 1873) is present in over 50 countries worldwide and has more than 100 years of experience in the field of small hydropower. Over 10,000 tailor-made original OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbines have been “Made in Germany” with outputs of up to 10 MW operating smoothly from almost zero load to full opening.

Stationary and mobile trash rack cleaning and automation systems complete the OSSBERGER Hydro range.

Logo Statkraft HydroEs 2019

Statkraft is a leading international company in the area of hydropower and Europe's largest renewable energy supplier. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power and gas power and supplies district heating. Statkraft is a global market player in energy trading, and has 3,500 employees in 17 countries.

Logo Hydrolike HydroES 2019

The Grenoble INP Foundation was established to create a new breed of partnership between Grenoble Institute of Technology and companies, with initiatives spanning academics, research, and civil society. Funded by an endowment created by its Founding Partners and continued support from its Partners and Friends, the Foundation’s activities are designed to benefit all stakeholders and align with the Foundation’s three strategy pillars: Academic Excellence, Exemplary Citizenship and International Expansion. The challenge is to succeed at the highest level, to attract the best talents to support growth by focusing on innovation, research and training, and ultimately to act for future generations.

The industrial Chaire Hydro’like of Grenoble Institute of Technology foundation is sponsored by General Electric. Its goal is to boost innovation for hydroelectricity by supporting interdisciplinary research. It thus addresses the major current issues concerning hydraulic machinery directly linked to the rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy sources: flexibility, reliability and performance. It also supports the promotion and dissemination of knowledge, the international mobility of students, researchers and engineers and actions for humanitarian and development aid.

Cpari Tech Hydro ES 2019
Since 1963 CARPI specializes in waterproofing all types of hydraulic structures (dams, canals, tunnels, shafts, reservoirs, etc.) and civil structures (traffic tunnels, foundations, bridges’ decks, floating covers) with flexible, impermeable geomembranes.CARPI patented systems are used for rehabilitation of all types of dams and joints, for new construction of embankment and RCC dams, cofferdams, for waterproofing of joints, for underwater total and partial repair, without reducing water level or speed. Our installations since 1970 provide worldwide experience on the longevity of our geomembranes. Our installations are still in operation today with no maintenance required.CARPI provides design, supply and installation.
LOGO CNR HydroES 2019

CNR is France’s leading producer of 100% renewable energy (water, wind, sun) and the concessionary of the Rhone River for hydroelectricity generation, inland waterway transport and irrigation for agricultural use.

With 85 years of experience of the Rhone River, CNR stands out thanks to its fully integrated model, where green electricity production combines with territorial development and energy transition."


Amid growing electricity demand, rising fuel costs, and climate change concerns, GE Renewable Energy is focused on providing wind, hydro and innovative power solutions for customers around the globe.  With over 125 years of experience powering the world, GE has now become the largest renewable energy producer in the world, providing a wide range of offerings to meet customer needs.


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